After the ride, I lost a few lbs (water weight) and found myself so thirsty the next day. I must have been dehydrated from all the wind and sun, even though it was cool temps on the ride. I had a recovery drink after the ride, then I don't know how many bottles of water I downed on Sunday, but it never seemed like enough. Thankfully no headaches! Last night I had to wake up every 2 hours to drink water and I drank electrolyte mix every 12 hours. Finally starting to feel back to normal. I've been resting, reading ride stories and looking at permanents I want to do this year.


SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse Ride

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse This was an epic ride! I had high hopes about doing the SFR Point Reyes Lighthouse 200k Brevet, but came up a few miles short. But I'm very happy with my 116 miles for the trip (instead of 124) which looked like this. This is a very challenging ride and a good day to do it, as there were SFR volunteers in the lighthouse parking lot with water and snacks.

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse We started at Golden Gate Bridge at 7:00am and pedaled North via the Sausalito Route. You hook up with Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Fairfax and this takes you all the way up to Point Reyes. I met a few cyclists and rode leapfrog with them for  a bit. I had packed some smoothies, muffins, rice cakes and pupusas that I had made and remembered to eat plenty before the rollers out to the lighthouse with a little time to digest before you get on to the climbing. It's a pretty intense workout, that's when I switched over to gels.

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse It took me about 2 hours from Inverness to get to the end. It's pretty windy and I felt the wind gusting me off the road several times. There is a bus that also commutes along the last leg of the trip which I had to go off road to let it pass. The beauty of climbing hills is it's quite scenic, but also a bit tiring, physically and mentally. I was overjoyed when I finally reached the lighthouse at 12:30!

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse I refilled my water and had a gel and endurolyte and some fruit. It was a long way back, so my next goal was to go to Point Reyes Station and have a break and decide whether or not I could do the Marshall section. I got there around 2:30, I had a Bovine Bakery coffee and a little lunch break and realized that I was pretty WINDED lol, and if I left now, I could probably get back over the steep Camino Alto before it got dark. I didn't have my headlamp and only a front light which was not ideal.
SF to Point Reyes Ride
After riding in the dark last week and not getting a brighter front light, I realized that it would be kind of dangerous, even with lights. Riding in the dark on steep roads is not something I was looking forward to, plus I pledged "not to do stupid stuff" so decided to nix it. By the time I reached the trail in Samuel P. Taylor park I was relieved of my anxieties and feeling more recovered. I got to enjoy a moonlight ride along the Bridgeway path on the way back. I was very glad that I had made some bike fit adjustments. It's amazing how raising the bike seat just one centimeter and adjusting the cleats so that the pedals are closer to the center makes all the difference on a long ride! I rode 3 hours longer than last week with no knee pain whatsoever! I also am really glad I bought a memory foam seat cover. It literally saved my ass! ROFL

I rolled back to GGB just before 7:00 pm. I'm looking forward to the longer days in the summer when there is more light out, I can try the 200k distance again. By the way, trying to find the way back to the eastern span of Golden Gate Bridge after riding 100 miles at night is pretty much impossible unless you know where it is and have done it before. There are no lights at that intersection and the signs are not lit up, but it is just before you get to the little tunnel that is lit up. Here is a map of where it is.


Pt. Reyes Station Slacker Ride

First long ride of 2013! I'm training last minute for next week's long ride to Point Reyes Lighthouse so I thought I would do the Populaire route or at least Pt. Reyes Station. The weather was great this weekend for cycling, up into the 60s! I got a late start because of doing prep I was supposed to do the night before. It was a little cold in the morning and windy on Golden Gate Bridge. I was wearing bike shorts, short sleeve jersey, under armour shirt, arm warmers, castelli thermoflex leg warmers and cycling cap. I stopped in Fairfax at the Coffee Roastery for bathroom break and espresso. By now it was very warm and sunny and I was sweating by mid-ride. The temperature dropped as soon as I hit Lagunitas, a cool breeze from the redwoods of Samuel P. Taylor State Park. There is a long stretch of road on Sir Francis Drake that has been repaved and it is a dream to ride through there now! I thought I died and went to bike heaven. I was just cruising through those redwoods.

Untitled I diverged from the route to make a water/restroom stop at the Camp Taylor Picnic Area. I ran into another SF Randonneur named Jesse who was doing the worker's ride. He continued along Sir Francis Drake Blvd., but I diverged from the route and did the beautiful Cross Marin Trail through the park. I like to stop and listen to how quiet it is here. At the end of the trail I took a wrong turn at the end of the bike path (was supposed to go left at the end instead of right). I was enjoying the route along the Nicasio Reservoir so much. This is how the ride is supposed to look LOL. I realized I had to turn back to Point Reyes-Petaluma Road to get to Point Reyes Station. This is another place for water, restrooms and food. The Bovine Bakery has lots of treats, but it is an "espresso free zone", only good strong coffee. You can fill up your water in the sink there. I still had water in the tank. I drank about 6 bottles for this ride. There is a restroom on the hill behind Toby's feed shack along Mesa Road.

Slacker RideI realized I only had a few hours left before it would get dark, so decided to head back. On the way back, to take a break from the car noise of Sir Francis Drake Blvd. is go the other way around the golf course on San Geronimo Valley Drive. By now I already had my jacket that I packed and lights on. It gets very dark on some of these roads, so I was pretty much navigating with my headlamp and could only see a few yards in front. This is when my speed slows down and why I should've headed out at crack of dawn. At around 60 miles everything was fine except my knees were very sore to the point of making the ride uncomfortable. My butt was pretty sore also and any opportunity to stand on the pedals was taken. I remember this feeling from last year. It made me doubt my ability to do next week's distance, but I will see how I feel. I may just skip the out and back to Marshall.

Pt. Reyes Station Slacker Ride by runrenerun at Garmin Connect - Details

Slacker Ride Food: This is an important aspect of my trip, as I had bonked on my ride last year. Bonking halfway through your ride sucks because it's hard  to recover then you have to ride all the way back. I made sure to pack some nutritious high carb food this time and eat it at the right intervals. I prepared a smoothie, and some rice cakes from The Feed Zone cookbook, and packed some fruit and trail mix. I made some of Allen Lim's rice cakes but instead of bacon I used smoked salmon and Furikake (no msg). I also made some of his brown rice muffins. Every 45 minutes I ate 4oz of this with some smoothie. Then when that was gone grazed on the fruit and nuts. It worked out perfectly and I had some trail mix leftover.

Slacker Ride I found the lightweight reusable Little Green Pouch to carry food in. This is Blueberry, Banana, Spinach, Yogurt smoothie and fits in 2 pouches:

1/2 c frozen organic blueberries
1 organic frozen banana, sliced
1 cup of organic spinach, raw
1/2 c greek yogurt

This was so good! It's a treat to have some good food when you are riding all day. I didn't bonk, was never hungry, and I burned 5000 calories and lost 1 1/2 pounds.

Slacker Ride
This is where all the food phits, in the Phinney. I also had enough room for a light jacket, a pump, headlamp and other items. Here is a list of other things I would bring: map, chapstick, chamois butt'r, kleenex, sunscreen, cash (some places are cash only) and credit card (in case of emergencies), backup battery charger for phone. For long rides I always bring a bike toolbag under the seat for repairs.

Can't wait to ride again next week!


Getting Ready for the Half

KP SF Half Marathon
I just received my bib for the KP San Francisco Half Marathon! I've been enjoying the free group training runs with Pamakids runners on Saturday mornings at Sports Basement. We run around Chrissy Field, Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge. Afterward, we have bagels and informative running seminars and  --> SHOPPING PARTY!


My sisters

My sisters are very artistic and creative! Linda at Maiden Leather Designs makes these Rebel Wraps, handmade bracelets from scrap leather. I don't normally wear jewelry, but these are really comfortable and stretchy. She makes purses and customized accessories for motorcycles.

My other sister Patricia paints beautiful abstract paintings and commissioned portraits. You can see her work at Tigerbee Arts.

This is us at the Mayors Race 5k in Dallas 2011


Happy New Year ! 2012 Recap

2012 Recap

Distance / Miles:
Run: 1100
Swim: 25
Bike: 314
Bike to Work: 2600

Total: 4039


  • California International Marathon (10th Marathon milestone!)
  • Run Wild San Francisco 5k
  • SF Marathon - PR
  • Zombie Runner San Francisco Run 1/2 Marathon
  • DSE Coastal Trail Challenge 10k
  • Presidio 10 mile- 2nd Place AG, 3rd Place Masters Division, PR
  • Oakland Running Festival 5k - 5th place for the women
  • DSE St. Patrick's Day 5k - 4th place women in 21:09, PR
  • SF Randonneurs Point Reyes Lighthouse 200k Brevet

Volunteered on 4 WWS swim events and Bike to Work Day

Goals for 2013:
THIRTEEN 13.1's Challenge
Break 20 minutes for the 5k
More miles!

May in Pictures

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