SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse Ride

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse This was an epic ride! I had high hopes about doing the SFR Point Reyes Lighthouse 200k Brevet, but came up a few miles short. But I'm very happy with my 116 miles for the trip (instead of 124) which looked like this. This is a very challenging ride and a good day to do it, as there were SFR volunteers in the lighthouse parking lot with water and snacks.

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse We started at Golden Gate Bridge at 7:00am and pedaled North via the Sausalito Route. You hook up with Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Fairfax and this takes you all the way up to Point Reyes. I met a few cyclists and rode leapfrog with them for  a bit. I had packed some smoothies, muffins, rice cakes and pupusas that I had made and remembered to eat plenty before the rollers out to the lighthouse with a little time to digest before you get on to the climbing. It's a pretty intense workout, that's when I switched over to gels.

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse It took me about 2 hours from Inverness to get to the end. It's pretty windy and I felt the wind gusting me off the road several times. There is a bus that also commutes along the last leg of the trip which I had to go off road to let it pass. The beauty of climbing hills is it's quite scenic, but also a bit tiring, physically and mentally. I was overjoyed when I finally reached the lighthouse at 12:30!

SF to Point Reyes Lighthouse I refilled my water and had a gel and endurolyte and some fruit. It was a long way back, so my next goal was to go to Point Reyes Station and have a break and decide whether or not I could do the Marshall section. I got there around 2:30, I had a Bovine Bakery coffee and a little lunch break and realized that I was pretty WINDED lol, and if I left now, I could probably get back over the steep Camino Alto before it got dark. I didn't have my headlamp and only a front light which was not ideal.
SF to Point Reyes Ride
After riding in the dark last week and not getting a brighter front light, I realized that it would be kind of dangerous, even with lights. Riding in the dark on steep roads is not something I was looking forward to, plus I pledged "not to do stupid stuff" so decided to nix it. By the time I reached the trail in Samuel P. Taylor park I was relieved of my anxieties and feeling more recovered. I got to enjoy a moonlight ride along the Bridgeway path on the way back. I was very glad that I had made some bike fit adjustments. It's amazing how raising the bike seat just one centimeter and adjusting the cleats so that the pedals are closer to the center makes all the difference on a long ride! I rode 3 hours longer than last week with no knee pain whatsoever! I also am really glad I bought a memory foam seat cover. It literally saved my ass! ROFL

I rolled back to GGB just before 7:00 pm. I'm looking forward to the longer days in the summer when there is more light out, I can try the 200k distance again. By the way, trying to find the way back to the eastern span of Golden Gate Bridge after riding 100 miles at night is pretty much impossible unless you know where it is and have done it before. There are no lights at that intersection and the signs are not lit up, but it is just before you get to the little tunnel that is lit up. Here is a map of where it is.

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