Zombie Runner SF Run Half Marathon

Zombie Runner SF Run
Zombie Runner SF Run Half Marathon Great day for a run! It feels like Spring is here early. My endomondo said this course was short. So when I got my finisher medal, I kept running for another mile and a quarter to make sure I did a half marathon to make it qualify for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge on dailymile. Time: 1:57:05 + 00:14:22 ~ 2:11:27. My goal was to run "comfortably hard", with emphasis on the comfortable. I did better in this one than the KP Half even though there was more elevation gain, and I got 5th AG without busting my butt so that's alright.
race course
makeup distance

Gmap Pedometer map of the course, also coming up short. My suggestion for the course to make it a proper half is to go out to Hopper's hands on one of the loops and then you're covered. Sorry, I'm kind of obsessed with the distance.


Oatcake Valentines

Oatcake ValentinesThese are very simple and make the perfect healthy snack or breakfast on the go. The dough is easy to shape into hearts. I added a little protein boost with the protein powder and soy flour. Buckwheat flour is also high in protein. To make a fancy dessert, you can dip one side in melted chocolate or frosting!

Oatcake Valentines
2 cups oats
1/2 c whole wheat flour
1/2 cup organic non-gmo soy flour
1 scoop of unsweetened natural whey protein
1 c flaxseed meal
2 T melted coconut oil 1 c mixins (raisins, cranberries, etc)
1/2 c apple sauce (I used unsweetened Gravenstein apple sauce)
1/4 c maple syrup (optional)

Mix dry ingredients together. In a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients. Pour over dry ingredients. Add mix-ins. Mold into dough and let sit for a few minutes. Re-mix and roll into a log shape onto a cutting board. Cut into 12 discs. Shape into hearts. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 °F, flipping once.

Instead of the apple sauce, you can also use a strawberry puree, goji berries, raspberries, etc. whatever your heart desires! I like to enjoy mine with a nice cup of green tea.

Makes 1 dozen
Per 2 oz serving: Calories: 197, Protein: 8, Carbs: 33, Fat: 5


KP SF Half Marathon

The weather was perfect this year for the KP SF Half Marathon. This is my 4th time running it. It was raining one year, too hot another year and too windy another year. This one was just right! I am still not fully recovered from CIM so I had no intention of trying to beat any records. That took all the pressure off and I could just kick back and enjoy the race. The volunteers were awesome, especially those guys doing drills on the Great Highway! At the expo, my favorite thing was the water bar, with all the different naturally flavored waters with strawberry, cucumber mint, etc. I had a long walk back to my bike, so I was glad to have packed a recovery drink in my sweats bag. There is not alot of food at the end so next time will throw more food in there just in case.


Training Plans

It took me a month to figure out what my running year might look like, and so far, it sounds like FUN running with a lot of cross-fitness and a tri. I signed up for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 challenge on daily mile. My goal is to baby my legs this year, do a bunch of half distances, and then hit the track again next year. In 2012 I had a great start, training at the track for 5k, then building up to the marathon with PRs all the way. After that, trying to keep pushing the pace to complete another marathon PR didn't serve me well. I should have mixed it up with a triathlon or something. So next year, I will use what I learned from that schedule and apply it to next year's target race, whatever that might be. I'm glad I kept a training log / blog so I can use it as a reference. This is the recipe:

  • 6 weeks 5k training (track work)
  • 6 weeks 10k training (more track)
  • 12 weeks Marathon Training, with Half Marathon tune up race midway

May in Pictures

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