KP SF Half Marathon

The weather was perfect this year for the KP SF Half Marathon. This is my 4th time running it. It was raining one year, too hot another year and too windy another year. This one was just right! I am still not fully recovered from CIM so I had no intention of trying to beat any records. That took all the pressure off and I could just kick back and enjoy the race. The volunteers were awesome, especially those guys doing drills on the Great Highway! At the expo, my favorite thing was the water bar, with all the different naturally flavored waters with strawberry, cucumber mint, etc. I had a long walk back to my bike, so I was glad to have packed a recovery drink in my sweats bag. There is not alot of food at the end so next time will throw more food in there just in case.

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naomi said...

I loved the water bar too. The strawberry/mint was my favorite.

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