Training Plans

It took me a month to figure out what my running year might look like, and so far, it sounds like FUN running with a lot of cross-fitness and a tri. I signed up for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 challenge on daily mile. My goal is to baby my legs this year, do a bunch of half distances, and then hit the track again next year. In 2012 I had a great start, training at the track for 5k, then building up to the marathon with PRs all the way. After that, trying to keep pushing the pace to complete another marathon PR didn't serve me well. I should have mixed it up with a triathlon or something. So next year, I will use what I learned from that schedule and apply it to next year's target race, whatever that might be. I'm glad I kept a training log / blog so I can use it as a reference. This is the recipe:

  • 6 weeks 5k training (track work)
  • 6 weeks 10k training (more track)
  • 12 weeks Marathon Training, with Half Marathon tune up race midway

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