Zombie Runner SF Run Half Marathon

Zombie Runner SF Run
Zombie Runner SF Run Half Marathon Great day for a run! It feels like Spring is here early. My endomondo said this course was short. So when I got my finisher medal, I kept running for another mile and a quarter to make sure I did a half marathon to make it qualify for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge on dailymile. Time: 1:57:05 + 00:14:22 ~ 2:11:27. My goal was to run "comfortably hard", with emphasis on the comfortable. I did better in this one than the KP Half even though there was more elevation gain, and I got 5th AG without busting my butt so that's alright.
race course
makeup distance

Gmap Pedometer map of the course, also coming up short. My suggestion for the course to make it a proper half is to go out to Hopper's hands on one of the loops and then you're covered. Sorry, I'm kind of obsessed with the distance.


you are a stud, great job rene :)

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