Oakland Half Marathon

Do you know this feeling?

Oakland Half
Oakland Half Marathon

Oakland Half Marathon This is half marathon #3 for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge. It was pretty warm once the sun came out. Because of the later start of the race, I was able to take public transportation with my bike to the event. There is so much music on this course, I couldn't understand why people were wearing headphones. Awesome cheer station as you enter the lake! The last 3 miles around the lake were awesome! I was riding high on endorphins. Finished in 2:04. My goals on these are about 2 hours as I let my legs recover. Since the last marathon have been experiencing deep hamstring tightness and cramping. I felt it halfway through the run. Am trying to do alot of cross training and stretching.

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I like this distance and doing it at least once a month because it's keeping me in shape and I can still have a life and do other things. After the marathon had a great bike ride with my boyfriend through Golden Gate Park, down the Great Highway bike path and around Lake Merced. After going to Sunday Streets a couple of weeks ago, he now wants to ride bikes more often!

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