Boston Strong SF

Fellow DSE Runner Rachel Artap and I at the BostonStrongSF run. Thanks to Pavement Runner for getting the ball rolling. Bury the negativity with an avalanche of positivity and make it rain love and support on the victims.


Quarterly Break - Donate Blood

Blood Centers of the PacificI decided that after each quarter I would take a good break, reflect and refresh!

Mileage for Q1:
Run: 180
Bike: 387
Swim: 14

Also donated blood for the second time this year at the Blood Centers of the Pacific. Blood donation saves lives! It really puts things in perspective to read other people's stories about battling health issues. It doesn't take that long. You just have to wait about 15 minutes in the break room afterwards. They provide snacks and drinks. Instead of training hard, I just take it a little easy the next day. They also record your wellness stats for you online.

Cholesterol: 151 (no change since february) 
Blood Pressure: 109/73 (went down, probably because of more cardio) 
Hemoglobin: 113.3 
Pulse Rate: 68


During the break after a few days I noticed I was getting more deep REM sleep at night. Much needed!


Golden Gate Headlands Half Marathon

Golden Gate Headlands Half-Marathon 
Ran Golden Gate Headlands Half-Marathon

This is race #4 in the Thirteen 13.1 in 2013 Challenge. I love the trails here. The hills are very challenging and steep in some areas as you can see in the photo above. Before the race I chatted with Peter of Special Medical Aid and said hello to George Rehmet. I met some other runners as were were huddling against the surf showers trying to stay warm. After the start, I hear "Go Rene!" I looked back and saw that it was George! It was foggy and drizzling so we couldn't see much of the view after climbing for a mile and a half on the first hill. There are some more details in the elevation profile that can be seen from the Garmin map. I love running out here, so peaceful! The second hill was all about finding a good uphill pace zone and stay there. Love the downhills and tried not to slip on wet rocks. The second downhill seemed like it lasted forever. After an hour and a half, I tend to lose focus, so made a concious effort to stay sharp. This is a nice section of trail and I especially  like the trail on the other side of the lagoon before the beach. It was so nice to finish and hop on the bike. The legs felt great spinning on the bike afterward. My time was 2:20, 6th AG. Looking forward to the next one.

Golden Gate Headlands Half-Marathon

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