Quarterly Break - Donate Blood

Blood Centers of the PacificI decided that after each quarter I would take a good break, reflect and refresh!

Mileage for Q1:
Run: 180
Bike: 387
Swim: 14

Also donated blood for the second time this year at the Blood Centers of the Pacific. Blood donation saves lives! It really puts things in perspective to read other people's stories about battling health issues. It doesn't take that long. You just have to wait about 15 minutes in the break room afterwards. They provide snacks and drinks. Instead of training hard, I just take it a little easy the next day. They also record your wellness stats for you online.

Cholesterol: 151 (no change since february) 
Blood Pressure: 109/73 (went down, probably because of more cardio) 
Hemoglobin: 113.3 
Pulse Rate: 68


During the break after a few days I noticed I was getting more deep REM sleep at night. Much needed!

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fuzzbuzz said...

health issues suck, keep doing what you do sis! :)

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