Bike to Work Day

I had a great time volunteering at Bike to Work Day! I look forward to this event in May every year. It's great to meet cyclists, share routes and stories. It's awesome to see more people riding their bikes and realizing it's not as hard as it seems to get around town by bike. It's not about cars vs. bikes. There is a vast misconception that cyclists don't drive automobiles, but what I've noticed from talking to cyclists is alot of them own, previously owned or have access to a car but to them it seems to make more sense to make short trips with their bike. Parking is scarce and gas is expensive. The more people that bike and support the bicycle coalitions everywhere means more awareness of cyclists and safety improvements on the roads, safety that benefits everyone - pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, and motorists - for a green, healthy commute and lifestyle. A bonus is I get at least 50 miles a week for my legs!
NYT Run Well: The Benefits of Cross Training

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