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R.I.P. Dexter

Found as a puppy at Ocean Beach Spring 2002 - Died peacefully in his favorite resting spot July 18th, 2013 Dexter's Run 13.1: in honor of my four-legged best friend forever... Half-marathon #8 for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge and #13 total

Golden Gate Trail Run Half-Marathon

Golden Gate Trail Run Half Marathon: Time 2:28,  4th Place AG. Half-marathon #7 done for the Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge and #12 total! This one has a lot of climbing, I  love this course! Congrats to running buddy and dailymile friend Hugh B. for winning the marathon! My goal was to keep moving, even at a slow pace, just find a sustainable hill pace and keep going. Bike commute to and from the race was very good for my legs to warm them up and then recover.

1 Month Without Sugar!

In an effort to eat a more heart-healthy diet and clean from added, refined and processed sugars I tried cutting it out for 21 days. That turned into a month. I feel so great and have so much energy that I'm going to keep going! It's been really easy and I have been getting used to the natural sweetness of foods, no substitutes or stevia required. High Glycemic foods such as white rice, white flour and added sugars are out, fruit and high-fiber whole grains and slow carbs are in! Basically I just look at the labels and check the ingredients and grams. Anything that has sugar as an ingredient, especially in the first five ingredients, is out. I was shocked at how many supposed health-foods out there such as yogurt and granola bars have so much added sugar. There are lots of different names for sugar. I decided to save the high glycemic foods such as white rice and honey for endurance events when you need to burn a lot of quick energy or replenish. Other than that, I don't r…