Alcatraz to Angel Island Swim

Angel Island View

Distance: 1.5 mi 45 min

This was a beautiful and unique swim with my swim group Water World Swim. Warm water around 64°F, flood tide, and lots of fog. It was so foggy we could hardly see the island! We used the pilot boats to navigate. I lost my camera in the bay but took lots of photos from the last swim here.

We jumped off the boat about a half mile NW of Alcatraz, which shortened the course. Though the water was warm, it took me about 10 minutes to relax and find my pace. There were some swells and visibility was challenging. I just followed the kayak and pilot boat directing us to the middle of Angel Island and kept swimming.  At times it felt like I was going backwards and losing momentum, but that was just a little wave pulling me into it's roll, then it would rise and push me to where I was and then a bit farther. When we got closer to the Island we aimed right for the beach by the Nike Missile site. I remembered the windmill from last time indicating where the edge of the beach was. The current felt a bit stronger there so I had to aim left a bit to get in position. The waves literally pushed us onto the beach. It was like bodysurfing! Rode the surf right in to the beach and did a high five with another swimmer, her first time swimming outside of Aquatic Park.

Next month is going to be great for bay swimming!

Sunday Swim - photo by Coach Pedro

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