Getting Ready for Triathlon Training

In 8 weeks I'm doing the Marin County Triathlon olympic distance, and am using the Time-Crunched Triathlete program again. It's pretty easy to follow and high intensity. I will integrate it with some running and TRX on alternate days, along with bike commuting and group swims, with 1 rest day. We'll just see how that goes! This week I did my CTS Field Tests to get my training intensities. It looks like this:

The field tests actually make for great high-intensity workouts!  I noticed that my 400m swim time improved by 15 seconds from 2 years ago when I first did this. I have to admit that I haven't really worked on speedwork in the pool much. I spend more time at Aquatic Park doing easy open water swims. I look forward to seeing how much my time improves after doing this program. Another thing I'm looking forward to is some nice bike rides!

Other things I have done to prepare: eat clean, 8 weeks of TRX, a half marathon every month base training, and acquire my training supplements Spirulina, Udo's oil, Whey Factors and Nutiva Hempshake. This year I have really worked hard on my diet and keeping the sugar and refined carbs in check, and because of this am finally seeing results.

Check out my new socks:

What events are you training for this Fall?

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Patricia Rodriguez said...

Nice socks :-) super fun! Proud of you sis!

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