Thirteen 13.1s in 2013

Golden Gate Trail Run

Complete Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge!
  1. 2/4 KP SF Half Marathon
  2. 2/17 Zombie Runner SF Half Marathon
  3. 3/25 Oakland Half Marathon
  4. 4/7 Golden Gate Headlands Half-Marathon  
  5. 5/6 Divas Half Marathon
  6. 6/18 SF Marathon, First Half  
  7. 7/14 Golden Gate Trail Run Half-Marathon
  8. 7/26 Dexter's Run 13.1*
  9. 8/2 Presidio 13.1*
  10. 8/9 Pacheco 13.1*
  11. 9/8 DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon
  12.  11/3 Tiburon by the Bay Half Marathon
  13.  12/28 Coastal Bliss Loop*
Thanks to Yolanda R. on Daily Mile for setting this up. I really needed this. I wanted to try to NOT do a marathon this year to let my legs recover and get ready for next year. This kept me going! After my dog died, I had to run one every week. Checking in with my goals and see if I'm on track. It's funny how they evolve and change.

*not a race


Yolanda said...

Your doing great!!!!

Here is my latest posting...


René said...

I'm glad that you are joyful runner!

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