DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon

dse lake merced half marathon
Nice and foggy for the DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon this weekend! I got there early and had time to enjoy the location and quiet revery of the lake. I was admiring the swale and things they did to the parking lot to protect the lake from urban runoff. Also, I didn't know that the ocean used to feed into the lake, and that the coastline used to extend beyond the Farallon Islands. Fascinating! Anyway, there was another 4.5 mile race that did 1 loop around the lake. We did 3 loops, with the last one cutting through the drawbridge. (Garmin data)

They had well-stocked aid stations where I grabbed some pretzel sticks, but mostly I just stuck with my stash of dates, banana chips and figs. I saw Rachel on the second loop and she took this pic:
dse lake merced half marathon
I didn't feel like racing the whole thing so decided to just rev it up at the end for a progressive 5k, finishing in 2:09! Half Marathon #11 for Thirteen 13.1s in 2013 Challenge! I'm training for a tri so yesterday swam a mile open water and biked 25 miles. Today was bike-run-bike, as I biked to and from the race then walked it off at Sunday Streets. Overall it was a great weekend of training! 
DSE Lake Merced Half Marathon


Yolanda said...

Please tell me about your dates, banana hips and figs for refueling as it seems the only thing I am really doing now in regards to processed for my consumption is my refueling and I so want to get away from that. Thanks

René said...

A handful of dried fruit seems to work well for me and packs well also. Sometimes I will add some almonds or walnuts and make a small trail mix. Some people add dried blueberries or cherries. It has all the electrolytes you need. For the salt, you could add salted nuts or the pretzel sticks. Honey stingers are also good. Lately I've been doing the raw honey from the farmers market. They make bars with all these natural ingredients, such as Lara Bar, Picky Bar, Core Foods, but I'm sure you can make your own.
Also, I recommend the coconut water with chia seeds!

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