Marin County Triathlon

Untitled Results:
Total: 3:06:39
1.5 k Swim: 33:04
T1: 4:34
22 mi Bike: 1:31:29 (14.40mph pace)
T2: 2:13
10k Run: 55:19 (8:55 per mile pace)

Marin County Triathlon was a really fun and scenic race in San Rafael by San Pablo Bay. I thoroughly enjoyed the location by camping the weekend at China Camp nearby. This time of year the weather is sunny and warm during the day, and a bit chilly at night. It is blissfully quiet out on the trails and at night you might hear coyotes howling. The morning chill makes it hard to get motivated for an early swim, but I figured the bike ride on the way there would warm me up. The camp is only about 4 miles from the start line, so at 6:30 am I biked to the race in about 15 minutes and set up my area. It was really dark so I highly recommend a strong bike light. The dawn temp was about 47°F so I wished I had brought some full-fingered warm bike gloves. After body marking, I spent as long as I could wearing warm clothes. I did a short run to practice the run out and that helped alot. The sound of the bagpipes meant GO TIME.

The Swim
My swim wave was small, so the group start was tolerable. I decided to wear the short sleeve wetsuit, because it's more comfortable than the long sleeve one. While waiting for my wave to start I mingled with my fellow swimmers and ran into another Water World Swimmer. The glassy water felt great and we had a carpet under our feet to avoid the rocks. We did one long scenic out and back loop along the shoreline in a mild current that I hardly noticed. The swim went by surprisingly quickly. In T1 I chugged some coconut water, as I had forgot to bring my portable flask. It would be cool if Zico had sport top lids.

The Bike
I took a moment to put on a skeleton bike jersey in the spirit of Halloween, and some socks to help my feet get warm. As we ran out of transition, we had an awesome Mariachi Band to get things rolling. The bike course was a really fun ride of rolling hills with manageable turns. The turnaround is at the campsite, and each way took me about 15 minutes. The sun came up above the fog and warmed things up. Here is where I ate about 10 dates to fuel up. I stopped briefly to give a fellow rider with flat an extra inner tube. I felt pretty strong on the second loop, and by the third loop pushing the pace was glad to be done.

The Run
The drummers rallied us on the run out. Again, pretty freaking scenic views along the waterfront! After a climb out of the transition area, the legs were feeling rubbery in the beginning and feet were still a little numb from being cold. After a mile or two warmup I found my pace and just tried to keep on with it. The headwinds started picking up on the second loop, with a nice tailwind on the home stretch. I didn't use my Garmin on this run so I don't know how it fluctuated, but I felt like I had a strong finish. I might have overdid it on the final sprint, but the soreness feels like it will go away with rest. What I would have done differently is wear the long tri shorts, not the short ones. I don't know how people run in hot pants without chafing to death.

The Finish Line
Great volunteers on the course! I felt fully supported and cheered for. A warning to volunteers: I was a volunteer on this race several years ago and it looked like so much fun I signed up! After the race, We had pasta, yogurt, drinks and fruit. We got a nice reusable water bottle that had been pre-filled for post race hydration. Very thoughtful and useful.  The Sustainable Sports Foundation put on a great eco-friendly event. And it's so close to home. I always feel so fit after training and doing a triathlon. I signed up again for next year!

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