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2013 Recap

Distance / Miles:
Run: 772
Swim: 58
Bike: 3107

Total: 3937

Races and Events:

Thirteen Half-Marathons!Run Love Gut Check 10kBrave the Bay for Make-A-Wish FoundationDallas YMCA Turkey TrotMarin County TriathlonWWS Alcatraz to Angel Island SwimBoston Strong SF RunSF to Point Reyes Lighthouse Ride
Helped with Water World Swim events, SFBC Bike to Work Day, and Light Up the Night. This was kind of a recovery year, after completing the 10th marathon in 2012, so doing a half marathon every month worked out great. Also, I made the slow and cautious transition to minimal shoes and am now transitioning to barefoot shoes. This is because the last marathon I did was hard and I tore my quadricep. After changing shoes my legs feel better. Also, I have to credit all those weeks of strength training with P90X and TRX. Doing the tri helped me get more miles swimming and cycling. 

Athletic Goals for 2014:
Break 20 minutes for the 5kVolunteer with a few events at run club and cycling club Minimal Marathon (…

Thirteenth 13.1 for 2013!

Today I completed my last long run of the year and Thirteenth 13.1 for 2013! It was a fun challenge set up on dailymile by Yolanda, and I'm glad I completed my goal. I did it on my fave route, the Coastal Bliss Loop. I'm going to see if I can enter it into Tracy's Fat Ass Remote and call it done. The route goes through the Presidio to Fort Winfield Scott, Battery Boutelle on down the Coastal Trail to Baker Beach (where I saw fishermen catching big crab!), up to Land's End down to Sutro Baths, Cliff House to Java Beach Cafe and back through Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle. Unfortunately the main entrance to Land's End was closed, so I went down to the other one past Legion of Honor. It was a challenge to finish the last three miles, as I didn't fuel properly before or bring enough with me, but it was a great way to finish off the year! Afterward I tried the SFH Recovery drink, it tasted pretty good. So far I've run 772 in 2013, this being my highest milea…

Run Love Gut Check 10k

Fun group run put on by Fleet Feet Sports to raise funds for the Ethembeni school in South Africa. The gut check run is basically a bunch of hills! We did Fillmore, Alta Plaza, Vallejo stairs & Lombard. Glad I put in weekly hill runs on Divisadero this year! Sorry the pics are all out of order:

Afterward, they gave us mugs and served ice cream, coffee and hot chocolate and had a raffle. I tried the SOS also. They also had these new massage rollers called Addaday that worked really well.

Brave the Bay for Make-A-Wish Foundation

On December 7th, our swim group Water World Swim took part in the Brave the Bay Santa Plunge at Aquatic Park for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Together our team raised over $600 and had a great time!

The water was around 51°F, ambient temps in the mid 40s, with windchill in the 30s! A couple of our swimmers were trying the cold bay temps with no wetsuit for the very first time! The SFFD put on a beautiful water display, which engulfed us in a double rainbow as we swam. It certainly made my wish come true!

After the plunge, some members of our team went on to win a round in the Cable Car Pull in the Community Challenge. Looking forward to doing this again next year!

MakeaWish from Lisa Amorao on Vimeo.