2013 Recap

Distance / Miles:
Run: 772
Swim: 58
Bike: 3107

Total: 3937

Races and Events:

    Helped with Water World Swim events, SFBC Bike to Work Day, and Light Up the Night. This was kind of a recovery year, after completing the 10th marathon in 2012, so doing a half marathon every month worked out great. Also, I made the slow and cautious transition to minimal shoes and am now transitioning to barefoot shoes. This is because the last marathon I did was hard and I tore my quadricep. After changing shoes my legs feel better. Also, I have to credit all those weeks of strength training with P90X and TRX. Doing the tri helped me get more miles swimming and cycling. 

    Athletic Goals for 2014:

    • Break 20 minutes for the 5k
    • Volunteer with a few events at run club and cycling club 
    • Minimal Marathon (wearing barefoot shoes for 26.2)
    • Swim 100 miles

    This year, I wanted to make sure to use my juicer once a week also, so I kept a juice photo log. I hope to continue it and explore new recipes!

    This summer on a hiking spree with Mike, I visited a lot of places I haven't been in a while, such as Muir Woods, Mount Diablo, Angel Island and some new places such as Mori Point and Sibley Volcanic Reserve. I'm glad we did that. Also, he did his longest bike ride ever on Paradise Loop!

    2013 is the year that my BFF passed on. It's so hard to let go. I will always remember all the great times we had in the park, on the trails, at the beach... Getting a dog will get you outside for sure!

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