Thirteenth 13.1 for 2013!

Today I completed my last long run of the year and Thirteenth 13.1 for 2013! It was a fun challenge set up on dailymile by Yolanda, and I'm glad I completed my goal. I did it on my fave route, the Coastal Bliss Loop. I'm going to see if I can enter it into Tracy's Fat Ass Remote and call it done. The route goes through the Presidio to Fort Winfield Scott, Battery Boutelle on down the Coastal Trail to Baker Beach (where I saw fishermen catching big crab!), up to Land's End down to Sutro Baths, Cliff House to Java Beach Cafe and back through Golden Gate Park and the Panhandle. Unfortunately the main entrance to Land's End was closed, so I went down to the other one past Legion of Honor. It was a challenge to finish the last three miles, as I didn't fuel properly before or bring enough with me, but it was a great way to finish off the year! Afterward I tried the SFH Recovery drink, it tasted pretty good. So far I've run 772 in 2013, this being my highest mileage week at 37 miles. I probably have a few more miles left in me. We shall see!


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Yolanda said...

Nice job!

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