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Oakland Running Festival 5k

This weekend I did better at the Oakland Running Festival 5k than I did a couple years ago, by 18 seconds! Chip time 21:17, in top ten females OA. 2nd place AG but received a cute running cap. The Masters Division winner won a trophy. Breaking 20 minutes is tough and takes a lot of time and patience, but it will happen one day. The last mile on this course is fast, but then there is a hill right before the finish that will zap your desire to make up time on the final sprint (note to self: practice hill sprint). I've been doing weekly speedwork since last November and though the improvements are minor it makes holding the pace at slightly faster speed feel easier. There seemed to be more people signed up this time. Official tally was 2,314 5k runners! Now just imagine doing 5k pace throughout an entire marathon. That's the pace people were winning sub 3:00 marathon times! The relay looks like fun, would like to try that next year. I could probably do the 5k and then the last l…

Iron and Blood Donation

It's been over a year that I've been a regular donor at Blood Centers of the Pacific. The first time was on my birthday last year. I'm grateful for my health and glad I can help others in some way. This also motivates me to stay healthy and eat right so I can continue to do so.

Since I became a monthly blood donor, I've been able to monitor my iron levels through the website. Iron is important to me as a female endurance athlete because I noticed when it's low I feel more tired. I didn't realize how much running can zap my iron stores, and how effective iron supplementation was until recently when I started taking the supplement. Normally I donate platelets so I'm not losing that many red blood cells through my donation.

I try to eat a varied healthy diet of lots of leafy greens, lentils, an apple a day, whole grains (50% carb diet) and 3 servings of red meat a week, in addition to liver and shellfish and organic tofu. I have six eggs a w…