DSE Walt Stack 10k

Official time: 45:15
George Rehmet (RRCA), one of the finish line volunteers.
The DSE Walt Stack 10k is a great run on an beautiful course. I enjoyed all the training runs to Hopper's Hands for this. There is a challenge at the end with the hill at Fort Mason and running into the headwind on the way to the finish, which will encourage you to dig your way to the finish line. I just kept on with my focus on cadence with some stronger strides in the last mile. I put this into my schedule after the 5k races so I can build my mileage up to the marathon training. It is very hard to set new PRs on the short races. I chose different courses this year. Too late. I am focused on the marathon PR now.

Previous 10k PR: DSE Embarcadero 10k 2011

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The Green Girl said...

Wow, what a challenging but I'm sure beautiful run.

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