Spring Training

Spring is here! Enjoying the open water swims and running on trails!
I have ditched my Garmin and heart rate monitor and am running by feeling and cadence. My gear is a Timex Ironman stopwatch and the Finis Tempo Trainer Pro.
For strength sessions I use the Gymboss, but the Timex also does intervals.

Swim: 21 miles
Bike: 319 miles + Bike to work miles
Run: 183 miles (less mileage, higher intensity, minimal footwear)

Jan: 3rd place women DSE Fort Mason 5k, completed SFR Point Reyes Lighthouse 200k
Feb: 3rd place masters Kaiser SF 5k, completed SFR Valley Ford-Two Rock 200k
March: 2nd AG Oakland Running Festival 5k

Mon: EZ Run 40min - 1 hr. + TRX
Tues: Swim, speed workout 30 min + dryland exercises
Wed: Run, speed workout - 1-1/2 hr + Spri Xerball
Thurs: Swim, aerobic - 30 min - 1 hr + dryland exercises
Fri: Run, hills and tempo - 1-1/2 hr + TRX stretch or yoga
Sat: Open water swim, bike, hike or rest
Sun: Open water group swim, bike, hike or rest

RW: Run Your Fastest Race with the "Timeless Challenge"

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