Swim a Mile, Run a Mile

Last weekend we had a fun new Water World Swim event called Swim a Mile, Run a Mile Duathlon at Crissy Field. It is a great intro to multisport events and can even be done as a relay. A portion of the proceeds went to Golden Gate Parks Conservancy. We hope to have another one soon. I was in charge of the bags and food, so I borrowed a big bike trailer from SFBC (Members have access to the fleet of bike trailers) to help with moving things around. The event takes place right near the bike path so I was able to shuttle the transition items to the spot in a few minutes by bike and get my workout in, too!

Photo by Ajay Raj


Our participants did really well. We have a strong bunch of young New Waves (front row) that have accomplished great things this year. Mitali is a multiple Alcatraz swimmer and has also done the Golden Gate Bridge, Anaya is youngest girl in the world to swim Alcatraz and Angel has done several Alcatraz swims and the Bridge to Bridge swim. She recently won her age group at Sharkfest Lake Tahoe. We have some fast people in our group. Golda Marcus, a 2 time olympic swimmer, was first one out of the water in 17 minutes! Everyone was done with the swim in 30 minutes. The unique aspect of the course is the currents that run East to West, then West to East, so the swimmers could take advantage of the push. Rebecca and Greg had relay runners and they decided to get back in and swim against the current to the start of the course, because they could! I am also proud of Shannon who who did this as her first open water swim. That is a major accomplishment! Pretty cool!

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