Tri-Training Mode

After a month of doing the TRX Force Strength Training Program, It's time to start my 8 weeks of structured tri-training for Marin Tri! I am over the cookie-cutter training programs so what I do is take a little bit of everything I think I need and combine it into a custom program in my own spreadsheet, which looks like this:


These weekday sessions are 1 - 1 1/2 hrs then the weekend has an open water swim, bike and run also, little bit longer, and some RESTING. I dropped back down to 2 strength sessions and I am integrating Sara McLarty's triathlon swim workouts and Hal Higdon's 10k training into my custom program. Combining the running with strength training is a challenge, but I found that doing a short run before is easier. Running off the bike is even more of a challenge but something I have to prepare for. I got the New Balance Fresh Foam to add variety to my run:

For cycling strength I'm adding some spinning, and there are some great spin classes at my gym Fitness SF. I found a nice water bottle from Addverb that  I can write my swim workout on:

Got a dose of inspiration recently at a triathlon seminar at Sports Basement with Matt Dixon and amazing athletes. Check out the book The Well-Built Triathlete:

I have this on my bookshelf with the Time-Crunched Triathlete, both by Velo Press. I realized to do all this I need to make sure I'm at least horizontal somewhere by 9pm, and eat my broccoli!

I'm raising funds for the Sustainable Sports Foundation to help local youth learn to swim!
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