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Tri Training Update

Second training block complete for the Marin Tri! I am at 76% of my goal for fundraising for the Sustainable Sports Foundation swim program thanks to my generous donors!

I increased my total distance quite a bit on this build, with a few more cycling and swimming miles. I do a 21 day cycle of two weeks of building with a few high-intensity sessions, then the 3rd week is the easy recovery week, but I tacked on a long bike ride at the end, even after donating plasma a few days before. This is in addition to 50 miles a week bike commute which I don't count.

WEEK456TOTALRunning 12.412.25.329.9Fitness*1:40:000:30:001:30:003:40:00Spinning 2:00:002:00:000:35:004:35:00Cycling
42.469.5111.9Swimming 0.672.272.175.11Workouts810826Distance13.0756.8776.97146.91Calories14744119454510138

SFR Lucas Valley Populaire

 SFR Lucas Valley Populaire
Near the top of the climb on Lucas Valley Road

I had never done this route before and I was really looking forward to it. The weather turned out perfect and it was definitely one of the best rides ever! I haven't done a long ride since Two Rock-Valley Ford so I'm glad I did a 40 mile ride the weekend before. It was fun to see Mike complete his first metric century distance. After riding by it, now I want to check out the Big Rock Ridge Trail.

This was my favorite section through China Camp:
This is also on the Marin County Tri bike course, which I'm doing in a couple weeks! Lots of fun and scenic rollers. Not a lot of traffic here. We saw some deer foraging by the roadside.

I had never done Lucas Valley Road before. It was very pleasant riding through the shade. It just takes a little nerve to ride on the narrow shoulder with traffic buzzing by you. There are a lot of pullouts though. There was an instance where a car was going around us and sp…