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Fermented Salsa Verde

I've been taking some time off from intense training and enjoying easy workouts, quality time, relaxation and cooking! After taking the Fermentation Workshop at the Hoes Down Harvest Festival in October, I was excited to try fermenting the abundance of gypsy peppers from my Farm Fresh to You farm box. We learned to do the natural pickling method without vinegar using salt brine. I used a 5% salt to vegetable ratio (weighed in grams) which is double for other vegetables since they are a bit sweeter and ferment faster. A good ratio of salt for kraut is 2.5%. They came out pretty tasty! It makes a great condiment. After that, I decided to experiment with fermented salsa.

I brined a bunch of gypsy peppers and a separate bunch of spicy jalapenos, no spices added. Usually when making a salsa verde, you would use tomatillos. The gypsy peppers served as a nice base. After a month, the jalapenos lost their kick and became pleasantly mild. I drained them, saving 1 cup of brine for the blend…

Tri-Training Wrap Up

I'm glad to be done and satisfied with how the tri-training went. The only thing that's really sore are the calves. I was finally able to roll them out last night without crying too much. Here are the totals:

WEEK78 (race week)Running 13.7511.81Fitness 0:22:000Spinning 0:02:000Cycling2080.8Swimming 1.682.05Workouts98Distance35.4394.66Calories31394411Duration7:42:007:35:00
Bike commute miles not included

No strength training or high-intensity the week of the race! I didn't experience the burnout that usually happens when doing a longer 12 week training plan with 3 week build then easy week. I was drinking a lot of quinoa fruit and kale smoothies for breakfast! I put in almost 64 hours of training, not including the month of pre-hab strength training. For the strength training, I did TRX Force for several weeks. These are longer more frequent sessions to produce progressive muscle gains. I did work on all three disciplines throughout the year for other events before this. This …

Marin County Triathlon

This Year's Results:
Total: 2:54:38
1.5 k Swim: 29:43
T1: 5:12
22 mi Bike: 1:27:00 (15.10 mph pace)
T2: 2:21
10k Run: 50:22 (8:07 per mile pace)

Last Year's Results:
Total: 3:06:39
1.5 k Swim: 33:04
T1: 4:34
22 mi Bike: 1:31:29 (14.40 mph pace)
T2: 2:13
10k Run: 55:19 (8:55 per mile pace)

I did the Marin County Triathlon for the second year in a row and improved my time by 12 minutes, a PR! This put me 4th in my age group, and somewhere in the middle for females overall. We had a very small age group for some reason. The winners finished in close to 2 hours! I spent a bit more time in transition this year but I made up for it with better pacing. I felt like I had a lot more endurance to finish strong. This year I also did some fundraising for the Sustainable Sports Foundation and that was a bonus. I realized I have a great support network and it's good to give back to the local community. We raised money for their swim scholarship program. What a great life skill to share l…

Bike Camping at China Camp

This was my first solo bike camping trip to China Camp. I like to camp here on triathlon weekend and really enjoy this location. It's a beautiful area with lots of trails and vistas, only a few hours ride from SF. I packed one pannier with triathlon gear and the other one with camping gear and clothes. I left around noon and got there at 3pm. By 4pm my camp was all set up and I could enjoy a little nature walk before the sunset.

I had to make sure to hydrate and eat well for the race so I had a foot-long bagette sandwich from Mollie Stone's market on my short nature hike. When I returned to camp I had a nice hot tea and got some reading in before a nap. It's so quiet and peaceful and I was alone with my thoughts. There is no cel-phone reception, and absolutely no distractions. This puts me in a good frame of mind to focus and rest before the race. They also have coin-operated showers here, which is nice after a long ride.

I woke up around 9:30pm and realized I should proba…