Bike Camping at China Camp

20141101_144029This was my first solo bike camping trip to China Camp. I like to camp here on triathlon weekend and really enjoy this location. It's a beautiful area with lots of trails and vistas, only a few hours ride from SF. I packed one pannier with triathlon gear and the other one with camping gear and clothes. I left around noon and got there at 3pm. By 4pm my camp was all set up and I could enjoy a little nature walk before the sunset.


I had to make sure to hydrate and eat well for the race so I had a foot-long bagette sandwich from Mollie Stone's market on my short nature hike. When I returned to camp I had a nice hot tea and got some reading in before a nap. It's so quiet and peaceful and I was alone with my thoughts. There is no cel-phone reception, and absolutely no distractions. This puts me in a good frame of mind to focus and rest before the race. They also have coin-operated showers here, which is nice after a long ride.

Bike camping food I woke up around 9:30pm and realized I should probably eat more carbs for the race, so I made some "healthy ramen" soup from Lotus Foods with my camping stove. I found this at Mollie Stone's market also. It wasn't that cold outside so I enjoyed dining in the moonlight. It is chilly at night though, so warm clothes layers at this time of year are highly recommended, and a windbreaker. Instead of using the hike and bike campsite, I reserved my own camp spot because I knew I would have to get up really early and break camp and didn't want to disturb other campers. The bike camping area is more communal, though I noticed there wasn't anyone on the upper level hike and bike. The gates close at 9pm.

I slept really well, thanks to that air mattress! I never go camping without the Big Agnes insulated air core mattress. I wished that I had a few more days to enjoy the area and hike around. There are great trails for mountain biking here but by hiking I get to slow down and see things a little more closely. Along with the ride and just spending a few moments here I felt instantly de-stressed, as I can also get really wound up and emotionally bent out of shape before a race. This totally took care of that.

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