Fermented Salsa Verde

I've been taking some time off from intense training and enjoying easy workouts, quality time, relaxation and cooking! After taking the Fermentation Workshop at the Hoes Down Harvest Festival in October, I was excited to try fermenting the abundance of gypsy peppers from my Farm Fresh to You farm box. We learned to do the natural pickling method without vinegar using salt brine. I used a 5% salt to vegetable ratio (weighed in grams) which is double for other vegetables since they are a bit sweeter and ferment faster. A good ratio of salt for kraut is 2.5%. They came out pretty tasty! It makes a great condiment. After that, I decided to experiment with fermented salsa.

I brined a bunch of gypsy peppers and a separate bunch of spicy jalapenos, no spices added. Usually when making a salsa verde, you would use tomatillos. The gypsy peppers served as a nice base. After a month, the jalapenos lost their kick and became pleasantly mild. I drained them, saving 1 cup of brine for the blender. To this I blended in a teaspoon of freshly ground cumin and some fresh garlic. This is a nice mild salsa base right here that will last a long time in your fridge, as it is naturally preserved without the "vinegary" taste. No salt was needed because of the brine. To add a little more heat and flavor, I added fresh cilantro and chopped serrano peppers. Add finely diced onions if you like. Served with chips this makes a great way to sneak some probiotics into your diet! For more information on fermenting, check out Wild Fermentation.

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