2014 Recap

Distance / Miles:
Run: 800
Swim: 100 (2014 goal accomplished!)
Bike: 773 + Bike Commute: 2600 = 3,380
Total: 4,280 (a few more miles than last year!)
Races and Events:

Running: My year is pretty much planned around running, biking and swimming. It's what I enjoy doing - that's when I feel really alive! It's also a social outlet with all the different training groups out there. I love being outside. Though I didn't hit any PRs (except nailing the 10k run after the tri) I placed pretty well and am happy about this. I feel as if I'm making progress, and that's a good feeling.  

We had another fun year at Water World Swim. The bay has been warmer this year perhaps because of the drought. This meant more people swimming! It's very rewarding to see swimmers of all ages become comfortable in the open water, do their first Alcatraz or longer swim, train for triathlons, grow and achieve their goals! Here's a slideshow of our year in pictures:

This year I did what I've been wanting to do for a long time, which is to go bike camping. I did 3 trips to Samuel P. Taylor, Half Moon Bay and China Camp. I had fun doing a couple of long rides with my bf, and he did his first metric century! One of the fun things we are getting into is checking out the different bike routes and trails that are accessible from the BART train. We did 3 Bears from Orinda, Coyote Hills which is accessible from Fremont, and the Iron Horse Trail - Contra Costa Canal Trail which is accessible from several BART stations. SF Rails to Trails >>

I helped out with SFBC Bike to Work Day as always, and distributed posters for bike events. I did a few hours of Ocean Beach Cleanup and got grossed out by all the plastic trash and cigarette butts. I'm glad I have my health and that I could donate plasma and platelets 9x this year for those that need it. For my last two events, I raised some funds for Sustainable Sports Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

Athletic Goals for 2014:
Sometimes transitioning from one year to the next is difficult. It reminds me of time passing by too quickly. It helps to set some goals for next year so I can focus on positive forward motion and stay active. I gave my self some time to think about this so that it is realistic. I try not to adhere strictly to mileage goals but rather use it as a motivator.
  • Run 1000 miles
  • 5k PR
  • Swim 100 miles
  • A 50k or 50 miler or BOTH!
  • Help someone else achieve their goals 

Other things I would like to do in 2015 :
Bike the Cheese Trail, Big Rock Ridge Trail, Angel Island Bike Camping

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. 
- Henry David Thoreau

Thankful to be alive, healthy and making it to another year!


Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Whole Foodie!

When I'm not running biking or swimming, I like to spend several hours a day in my kitchen preparing healthy meals and fun new recipes. Here are my simple recommendations for foodie gifts that complement a whole foods lifestyle.

Juicer - Juicing is an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can save the pulp for the next item...


Phat Beets Pickler - For fermenting and pickling naturally. Preserves food you may not have time to eat right away and adds healthy bacteria to your diet. What I love about this item is that it fits on a Mason Jar, so once you're done with a batch you can just put a lid on it and goes right into the fridge. For larger batches, try a fermenting crock.


Dehydrator - Make healthy snacks and preserve foods for camping and emergencies. My favorite is dried plantains. They make a yummy pre-workout snack.


Mandoline Slicer - Great sidekick for the pickler and dehydrator!


Crockpot - Very affordable and convenient!

Happy Cooking!


Mushroom Season

In October I attended a Mushroom Cultivation workshop with Mushroom Maestros via the Biofuel Oasis Urban Farming events. A month later I was eating delicious homegrown oyster mushrooms! I try to eat them almost every day, shiitake in particular. They are very nutritious, help support the immune system, and are a great addition to my seasonal farm box diet. Lately I have been trying the Reishi and Cordyceps powders with herbal tea as a natural athletic supplement.

Last weekend we went to the annual MSSF Fungus Fair and got to see all kinds of mushrooms, kits and cooking demos. Now I feel like broadening my mushroom palette!

More pics >>


Brave the Bay

Last weekend, I did Santa's Triathlon at Brave the Bay...

More pics

This is a fun event at Aquatic Park to raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The triathlon is a 5k fun run/walk to Marina Green and back, a plunge in the Bay, and a team cable car pulling contest. They had music, lots of food, a raffle, and a costume contest. It was organized by Bob Guinan, our administrator at Water World Swim as an SFPD Challenge. He is a retired officer and we are very appreciative of the support our first responders give us on our local races and events. The teams consisted of different police stations, firefighters, local athletic clubs and companies.

After the run, I pulled together a small team from our swim group and we took the plunge and then tried to make the cable car move. Pulling a cable car is harder than it looks. It took some muscle to get it to move at first, but then once you get it rolling it's easier to pull. We managed to get it down the street in 37 seconds! We also raised some money for  children suffering from life-threatening illnesses to have some wishes of hope. We didn't quite meet our goal this year. I hope we can do more next time.

SFFD and SFPD Water support at the Escape from Alcatraz

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