Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Whole Foodie!

When I'm not running biking or swimming, I like to spend several hours a day in my kitchen preparing healthy meals and fun new recipes. Here are my simple recommendations for foodie gifts that complement a whole foods lifestyle.

Juicer - Juicing is an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can save the pulp for the next item...

Phat Beets Pickler - For fermenting and pickling naturally. Preserves food you may not have time to eat right away and adds healthy bacteria to your diet. What I love about this item is that it fits on a Mason Jar, so once you're done with a batch you can just put a lid on it and goes right into the fridge. For larger batches, try a fermenting crock.

Dehydrator - Make healthy snacks and preserve foods for camping and emergencies. My favorite is dried plantains. They make a yummy pre-workout snack.

Mandoline Slicer - Great sidekick for the pickler and dehydrator!

Crockpot - Very affordable and convenient!

Happy Cooking!


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