Mt. Diablo New Year's Day Ride

Well, one of my New Year's Cycling Resolutions is done! What a great way to celebrate the New Year by riding all the way up to the top of Mt. Diablo! This is an annual ride for lots of Bay Area bike clubs, and for some like myself, a bike pilgrimage.
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We met up with the Grizzly Peak Cyclists at 9am at the Pleasant Hill BART station to ride with those experienced with Mt. Diablo. They provided great company, knowledge and a cue sheet! We took the Southgate entrance which is a little longer but less steep. Also, though it was cold, it proved to be warmer on that side of the mountain because of the sunshine. I wore several layers, a windbreaker, face covering, long fingered gloves, warm socks, leg warmers, the works, and was still chilly! On the way back we stopped in Danville at Peet's right by the Iron Horse trail to get a much needed hot cup of coffee and took the Iron Horse Trail Walnut Creek to get food and BART. Good day of riding! Got home after dark.

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