SFR Point Reyes Populaire

The SF Randonneurs kicked off their event schedule this year with a "popular" ride, the Point Reyes Populaire! We started the ride at 8:00am with over a little over 100 riders and headed out over the Golden Gate Bridge, which was historically closed to traffic so they could install a median. It was so quiet for a change! Getting an early start on the bridge was critical, as it was going to be pretty crowded with this new attraction of watching the construction crews put in the median. Personally, I would rather ride my bike! This time instead of riding solo, I had a riding companion, as my bf has now built up his mileage to 85 miles. Off we went to get to the first control at Point Reyes Station.

It was great weather for riding, as it wasn't that cold or windy for January. I didn't need the windbreaker, instead had 3 layers: a short sleeve base layer, a long sleeve base layer (under armor), a jersey, arm warmers, and warm tights under the bike shorts. It was kind of overcast and I didn't really even need my sunglasses. I did put sunscreen on just in case.

After a hard push out of Fairfax and a water & bathroom stop at Camp Taylor, we got to the first control around 11:15am. The time stamp on the Bovine Bakery receipt was totally off by an hour, so we wrote down the correct times on the brevet card and the receipt. After quick coffee and lunch break, we went off to get to the next stop, Rancho Nicasio. If you are going to ride all this way, don't miss the ride around the Nicasio Reservoir. It looked especially magical as it was much fuller, and the water was like glass reflecting the hills and sky beautifully!

We caught up with some other randonneurs riding into Rancho Nicasio. There, we picked up some juice and had a small break and then it was about getting back in time. We rode behind the tandems for a bit, then a little easy riding and socializing, taking it easy and steady on the climbs back into Fairfax, then kept an easy pace to recover before the Camino Alto climb. Love the pave on the Corte Madera side, hate the pave on the Mill Valley side! The GGB coming back was very slow because it was so crowded. We could have walked. I'll be glad to get our dedicated bike path back. After some confusion of where the finish was we rolled in around 3:15pm, 75 miles and 7.25 hours total, and enjoyed a great picnic and catching up with friends. This was a great prep ride for the upcoming 200k I have on my schedule!

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