First race of the year at KPSF 5k!

21:45 chip
21:52 gun
2nd place AG medal
(awards are on gun time)

This was a good training run for me since I just really started doing my speedwork this season, an improvement from last year on this course. Average 97% MHR Z4-6! I have a ways to go before ORF. I like to keep it short and work on speed at the beginning of the year. I was worried that my legs would not be fully recovered after last weekend, but was able to pull it off and get a good baseline for training. Just relaxed yesterday and worked on my painting. Left early this morning and biked 5 miles to the race and left bike with the awesome SF Bike Valets at 47th Ave. and Fulton. Did a nice & easy 2 mile warmup to the start line, enjoying the peaceful morning run through the park to the sound of chirping birds. Another warmup/stretch session before #beastmode.

The first mile is always tough. I had my cadence down and just kept hammering it and focusing on breathing and ended up with nice progressive splits. It was fun flying downhill. At the finish line 6:29 pace according to Garmin, which shows slightly different split pace. It wasn't the Grade Adjusted Pace. I wonder why that is. At the awards, was really impressed by all the fast times from runners of all ages and the fast masters runners that don't look their age at all. One guy told me he was 70 and I just couldn't believe it. I hope I can still run by then.

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