Paradise Loop

Paradise Loop The weather was nice this weekend so we put in 43 miles on the bike on the Paradise Loop . We took the new bike detour off the Mill Valley bike path and rode over the entire Camino Alto Hill. They have added a bunch of patches to the crumbling shoulder and will soon repave the Mill Valley side, making it much safer. This is the second time Mike did the ride and his cycling has come a long way since then, so it was great to see the comparison.

Paradise LoopWe enjoyed some really good Mexican food in Tiburon, though there was a long wait, it was worth it. It's hard to ride back after eating that but we were so hungry. We took the easy way back and past all the gridlock of cars trying to get back over the bridge. The traffic was backed up all the way to Sausalito, pretty much at a standstill. Beautiful view from the Golden Gate Bridge on the way back before the sunset.

Paradise Loop 
It is scary warm for February, even the water is warmer than normal. We really do need some rain, but might as well make the best of it and go for a bike ride.

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