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Oakland Running Festival Run the Town Challenge

This weekend, I did the We Run the Town Challenge at the Oakland Running Festival. It allows you to do both the 5k and Half-Marathon race the same morning, if you are so inclined. I had never done anything like this before, but I always felt like I had a little energy after the 5k. I had done the half-marathon in the past so why not? I had been training for the 5k, so my plan was to go ahead and go all out on that, and then do the half-marathon as an LSD training run. Well, it turned out to be the hardest half-marathon ever! It felt almost as hard as trying to do the whole marathon. I guess that is why they call it a Challenge, and we like challenges.

The 5k was fast, I did in 21:08, which is a PR, and 9 seconds faster than last year. Last PR was on the DSE St. Patrick's Day 5k in 2012. My max HR on this was 182, compared to Kaiser 5k 6 weeks ago which was 197. I made sure to do a 15 minute warmup with a few strides 30 minutes before. I was running comfortably hard and it felt a …

Training Notes

This year the ORF has a new event called We Run the Town Challenge where you run the half-marathon after the 5k and get 3 medals. They have a 5k medal now, the half-marathon medal, and the We Run the Town Medal. Of course I had to do that so I've been adding a few extra long runs to my training to get ready for the additional half-marathon. Normally, I wouldn't add such long runs to my 5k training, but that's how I should be training for a 5k. The long slow runs (10 minute miles) improve endurance, capillary and mitochondrial development, and increase myoglobin and glycogen storage. Plus, running after a swim at Aquatic Park to Fort Point or through Golden Gate Park is so nice.

Since Kezar Stadium was going under renovation, I adopted the beautiful San Francisco Bay Trail at Marina Green for my weekly speedwork sessions. The long side is 547 meters where I can do VO2 max repeats at 6:30ish pace, the full loop around 1190 meters where I can do threshold intervals at 7:30is…