Training Notes

Running on the SF Bay Trail
This year the ORF has a new event called We Run the Town Challenge where you run the half-marathon after the 5k and get 3 medals. They have a 5k medal now, the half-marathon medal, and the We Run the Town Medal. Of course I had to do that so I've been adding a few extra long runs to my training to get ready for the additional half-marathon. Normally, I wouldn't add such long runs to my 5k training, but that's how I should be training for a 5k. The long slow runs (10 minute miles) improve endurance, capillary and mitochondrial development, and increase myoglobin and glycogen storage. Plus, running after a swim at Aquatic Park to Fort Point or through Golden Gate Park is so nice.

Since Kezar Stadium was going under renovation, I adopted the beautiful San Francisco Bay Trail at Marina Green for my weekly speedwork sessions. The long side is 547 meters where I can do VO2 max repeats at 6:30ish pace, the full loop around 1190 meters where I can do threshold intervals at 7:30ish pace, and the short side is about 64 meters where I do short anaerobic strides at 5:30ish pace. I think I need to find a slightly longer area about 100 meters to do the strides. I set up some segments in Garmin and Strava to gauge my progress. VO2 max day is really draining, so I do it every other week and alternate it with Threshold, with rest days after them. The strides are new and fun, a little bit easier than the 400 meter lung busters, and I like having more variety in the paces. I'm curious to see how I'll do on race day which is less than 2 weeks away!

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