Cinderella Challenge 2015

Cinderella Challenge 2015
It's been a while since I did the Cinderella ride, it is such a nice one! I just wanted to go out for a day on my bike, and this was the perfect bike therapy. I even got a good climb in on the Challenge Route, which I needed to do to get ready for Grizzly Peak Century. I did 3 loops of Hawk Hill - Marin Headlands loop to prepare, plus spinning. I have already done a couple long rides in the winter, so distance is not a problem.

86 miles,  7:27 moving time, 8:28 elapsed time.

I started the ride at 8am after taking BART to end of the line at Dublin/Pleasanton. The ride is a pretty packed parade of princesses, so we were riding at a mellow pace. Even with that, I barely made the cutoff time to do the challenge route.  Here's a clip of my favorite part: the descent on Patterson Pass Road.

It was a hot day, so I brought along some extra S.O.S. I loved the route, the vibe, and great support of the ride! I saw the SAG vehicles often and the course is well marked with pink arrows and lots of other cyclists to follow so not to worry about getting lost. Just have a great time!

The expo was well stocked with cute clothing, jewelry and accessories. I purchased a nifty bike stand from Stand4Cure.

Ride notes: 
  • I had my Speedfil tank (equivalent of 2 bike bottles) plus one extra insulated bottle for electrolytes and carb drinks. I made sure to start the electrolytes 2 hours into the ride before the climbs
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal and banana with tea
  • Check-in: Quarter bagel with peanut butter and a coffee
  • To first rest stop: 1 pack of shot blocks, 3 bottles of water
  • First rest stop: 1 small Luna Bar and Chocolate Bread! Layers come off
  • To second rest stop (lunch): 2 SOS (there is water refill after the first descent on the challenge route) 1 pack of shot blocks, Granola bar (carb up before the climb), 3 bottles of water
  • Lunch at 2nd rest stop: pasta with pickles, bread and cream cheese, with chocolate chip cookies and m&ms for dessert, refill 2 bottles of water
  • To 3rd rest stop: 1 Hammer Perpetuem drink (orange flavor), Lemon drop
  • 3rd rest stop: Ice cold lemonade and pretzels! Top off tank with 1 bottle of ice water
  • Finish: Hot minestrone soup, veggie wrap, Hammer Recoverite drink, cookies and tea
  • Diligent sunscreen application
  • Things I would bring next time: I had a Limefuel battery pack but forgot charger cable and backpack battery for GoPro, UV protecting arm covers, & eye drops!

Cinderella Challenge 2015

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