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Run Week and Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers Recap: I don't do this race every year, but I really like this course and wanted to top off run week by doing a fun run. This race is very festive with costumes, music and party atmosphere and there's a lot of walking and stopping in the middle of the course to take photos and selfies. There is no designation of walkers on one side and runners on another side, it's basically running wild in the streets. There are a lot of new runners and one-time runners, which is great. This event is how I became interested in participating in races.

At the expo I really enjoyed the Sambazon Acai, the Go Raw snacks and the new Clifbar Organic Trail mix bars, especially the dark chocolate one! 

On race day I parted with my friend that had never run before who was going to meet some friends in Corral D.  I was in Corral C, but I noticed that I passed a bunch of people that started much earlier than me. I didn't take that many photos as everyone is taking pictures with…

Swim Week and Alcatraz

After last week's Century, I swam in the bay almost everyday to build up the mileage and get ready for Alcatraz #9 with Water World Swim. Swimming in the bay is great for sore muscles and active recovery. I swam without a wetsuit, so by the time I used the wetsuit it felt really warm and easy to get in. As a coach I went in as swim support with my orange SaferSwimmer buoy. This just makes you more visible and also acts as a floatie in case someone panics and just wants to hold on to it until a boat arrives. It has a dry bag also, so I carried a radio and my phone with GPS app inside. It was about 57 degrees most days but today felt a little colder. The beginning of the swim the water is a little wilder way out there by the Island, but by Alcatraz standards it was calm. I've been on the boat support many times and have seen all kinds of conditions out there. We had some nice swells and a few waves. I stopped to help a couple of swimmers, we got behind and were repositioned with…

Grizzly Peak Century 2015

Grizzly Peak Century 2015
I had been wanting to do this ride for a long time but never could because of the timing of the Escape from Alcatraz Tri that my swim group, Water World Swim does water support for. But this year, the timing was just right so I used April to get a bunch of miles in to get ready.

I opted for the car-free start, because there is no BART service that early in the morning on Sunday. I took the first AC Transit O Bus to Oakland from the temp Transbay Terminal, then biked up to Tilden via Market and Spruce. I had done the Pinehurst-Grizzly Peak and North Loop last week and that helped me to prepare. It seemed a lot easier than last week, but McEwen climb was still a challenge. I wore my SFR jersey and so got some hellos by fellow randonneurs.

 This ride features scenic views and challenging climbs, and also some great rest stop food. You won't have to bring much, seriously. I even had a bike blended smoothie made by my friends at Briones Rest Stop. I made a poi…

Savory Pea Protein. Sweet Rice Flour and Carrot Pancakes

I'm experimenting with pea protein and added it to this Koda farms recipe for sweet rice flour pancakes. I omitted the sugar and substituted fresh carrot juice for the milk to make a delicate savory pancake.

Savory Pea Protein. Sweet Rice Flour and Carrot Pancakes

1/2 cup Mochiko Blue Star Sweet Rice Flour
1/2 cup Pea Protein (2 scoops)
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup fresh carrot juice
1 egg lightly beaten
2 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp turmeric
Ground cardamom

Mix first 4 dry ingredients and spices together.  Add in the carrot juice, egg and coconut oil until the mixture has a smooth consistency. Lightly oil a hot griddle with coconut oil.  Drop spoonfuls of batter for small pancakes. Turn the cakes once the bottoms have browned and bubbles appear on the tops. Makes about 18 small pancakes.

If you add an extra egg and a little more liquid and make them larger, it could make a tasty and pliable crêpe. I'm particularly interested in the pea protein because it is naturally h…