Grizzly Peak Century 2015

GPC 2015
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Grizzly Peak Century 2015
I had been wanting to do this ride for a long time but never could because of the timing of the Escape from Alcatraz Tri that my swim group, Water World Swim does water support for. But this year, the timing was just right so I used April to get a bunch of miles in to get ready.

I opted for the car-free start, because there is no BART service that early in the morning on Sunday. I took the first AC Transit O Bus to Oakland from the temp Transbay Terminal, then biked up to Tilden via Market and Spruce. I had done the Pinehurst-Grizzly Peak and North Loop last week and that helped me to prepare. It seemed a lot easier than last week, but McEwen climb was still a challenge. I wore my SFR jersey and so got some hellos by fellow randonneurs.

GPC 2015
 This ride features scenic views and challenging climbs, and also some great rest stop food. You won't have to bring much, seriously. I even had a bike blended smoothie made by my friends at Briones Rest Stop. I made a point to grab a quickbread at each stop except lunch. They had sandwiches and chips, which hit the spot without weighing me down. My legs were good but on the final push from Proctor to Campolindo I could start feeling it in my quads. I'm glad I brought a caffeinated gel with me. I had my doubts but I managed to finish on time to get some finish line food. I feel I'm a much stronger rider than I was when I first did this ride 5 years ago. My total moving time was 7:56, and 9:33 total for 93.3 miles. With the additional commute comes out to 107.8. On a funny note I ended up finishing behind the same person I was standing behind in line at check-in, a VeloRaptor.


I was testing out the GoPro with the extra battery attachment and it seemed to work great. I almost got the whole ride in a bunch of short clips and remembering to turn the camera off when not filming. Without it I can get an hour of continuous footage

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