Run Week and Bay to Breakers

Bay to Breakers Recap: I don't do this race every year, but I really like this course and wanted to top off run week by doing a fun run. This race is very festive with costumes, music and party atmosphere and there's a lot of walking and stopping in the middle of the course to take photos and selfies. There is no designation of walkers on one side and runners on another side, it's basically running wild in the streets. There are a lot of new runners and one-time runners, which is great. This event is how I became interested in participating in races.

At the expo I really enjoyed the Sambazon Acai, the Go Raw snacks and the new Clifbar Organic Trail mix bars, especially the dark chocolate one! 

On race day I parted with my friend that had never run before who was going to meet some friends in Corral D.  I was in Corral C, but I noticed that I passed a bunch of people that started much earlier than me. I didn't take that many photos as everyone is taking pictures with their cel phones and I just wanted to keep running. My favorite part is reaching the top of Hayes Hill and looking behind me and seeing all the colored dots of people all the way down, and flying downhill through Golden Gate Park. It was foggy and cold at the finish line, and it was hard to get to the food. I had an apple, clif bar, some almonds and some chips. There was no band playing on the huge stage when I finished, so I went to the coffee line and grabbed a coffee, walked a bit then ran home. I had thought about running up to the Cliff House and accessing the trail from there, but they had it all gated off and we had to go back through the park. Also the beach was gated off.  I have really noticed a difference in the atmosphere of the race over the years. I think the starting line was more fun. They should provide some entertainment there as people are stuck waiting. We seemed to provide our own entertainment with throwing tortillas and gawking at costumes. Official Time 1:11:10 Pace 9:33, Strava Splits

My non-running friend finished the race in almost 2 hours.

Since I was doing alot of bike training and swim week, I went from 0 mile running weeks to 29 miles last week, which is odd since I hadn't run in a while. I am temporarily switched to a HFLC diet to experiment with it in training. I noticed that it gives me more energy and a little easier recovery. I tried it on the bike, cold open water swimming and running. It's a little hard to get going but once I warm up I feel like I'm revving on a steady supply of energy. I feel a little heated running on fats, which is great for the cold open water swims, and not so great for running if overdressed. It all started with a cup of bonk proof coffee (1 1/2 c. coffee, 1 T Kerrygold butter, 1 T  coconut oil). Now to focus on increasing the mileage even more!

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