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Headlands Run 2

Another good 8 hour training run/hike in the Headlands! 32.8 miles and 5,808ft of total elevation. This gets me closer to the elevation on the G G Trail Run, which is 6,320ft. Total weekly elevation was 8,648ft and 62 miles total weekly mileage,  highest I ever recorded! I'm feeling it, too.

What's nice about trail running is I feel I can take my time and slow my pace down and see some amazing scenery, so I think of it like a run-cation. That's in my mind because it's actually harder with all the climbing. I did the 30k loop, with a killer jaunt out to Pirate's Cove. Fox trail is crazy steep: 130ft to 902ft in little over a mile. I was a little worried about water. I filled up my Camelback Rogue at Rodeo Beach and didn't see much water on this side. I managed to make 2L last the rest of the trip. Next time I will fill up an extra bottle so as not to feel like I'm rationing. I may have to upgrade to a hydration vest. I still didn't get on the right trai…

Headlands Run

Did a little course preview yesterday of the upcoming Golden Gate Trail Run. I  haven't run here in a long time so was afraid of getting lost in the fog, but was thankful for the fog because of the heat. I missed a little piece of it so will try to find it next time. It has some steep challenging bits going up to Wolf Ridge. Marincello is a slow climbing torture. Definitely took some walk breaks where I counted my steps and psyched myself to run again. The beautiful scenery kind of takes your mind off of it. Great views from the ridges, and areas with lush vegetation and wildflowers. Also, there is a lot of wildlife out there. I saw a bobcat, rabbits and scrubjays. At one point on the way to Old Springs, I almost ran into a deer. I was looking down at the trail in order not to twist my ankle on a tricky section. I looked up and a deer was crossing the trail right in front of me. The bobcat sighting wasn't on Bobcat trail, but near the riding club on Bunker Road.


Training for 50k

One of my goals this year/next year is to run 50 miles, but I was having a hard time increasing my mileage because of some PF in my left foot. I still trained for ORF but a solution had to be found. I did several things which helped which I would love to share: I took a break, changed shoes, started using a standing desk every day and changed my diet.

Break: Well, not really a break, just gave the foot a break! I ran a lot less and instead cycled more! I trained for some century rides and that took some pressure off my feet. The feet enjoy cool swims in the bay and massage.

Changed shoes: I had switched to NB Fresh Foam for the long runs, but after about 250 miles felt they were too soft, so I got some Brooks Ghost. It's been about 250 miles in these and then I will get some trail running shoes. I stay on trails and dirt as much as possible, which is better for my feet, and use the calf compression sleeves. During the day I walk around in my NB Minimus or NB Zeros. At first I thoug…