Headlands Run 2

Marin Headlands

Another good 8 hour training run/hike in the Headlands! 32.8 miles and 5,808ft of total elevation. This gets me closer to the elevation on the G G Trail Run, which is 6,320ft. Total weekly elevation was 8,648ft and 62 miles total weekly mileage,  highest I ever recorded! I'm feeling it, too.

Marin Headlands

What's nice about trail running is I feel I can take my time and slow my pace down and see some amazing scenery, so I think of it like a run-cation. That's in my mind because it's actually harder with all the climbing. I did the 30k loop, with a killer jaunt out to Pirate's Cove. Fox trail is crazy steep: 130ft to 902ft in little over a mile. I was a little worried about water. I filled up my Camelback Rogue at Rodeo Beach and didn't see much water on this side. I managed to make 2L last the rest of the trip. Next time I will fill up an extra bottle so as not to feel like I'm rationing. I may have to upgrade to a hydration vest. I still didn't get on the right trail going up to Conzelman, but found another nice short one. Here's why you really shouldn't miss this part of the route:

Marin Headlands

Marincello was a little easier this time, with less walking breaks. This time I did the carb cycling and it was a high carb day. I used Hammer Perpetuem and the caps which worked out great. It's a complex carb so it's nice and slow burning. It has a little protein and fat to slow the absorption and  preserve muscle. I made up a 5 hour flask with 2 packets, which is 540 calories and 108 carbs. Divided by 5 is 108 cals and 21.6 carbs per hour. For the last two hours I had a hammer gel and Justin's Almond Butter to get me through the finish. I included all of that as part of my daily carb intake. On rest day before and after will do a transition, where macros are more balanced and total calories lowered a bit so as not to gain weight on rest day.  The last two miles were hard, with lots of walking, but to be expected since this is the farthest I've run in a long time and most weekly mileage record with no fall-back weeks. The muscles need to catch up! I think I would still sneak some superstarch in there to frontload next time, maybe the protein one. I like the sustaining energy effect from it. Still experimenting with what works best. All I know is I doubled my mileage from last month and this month, so something is working.

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