Headlands Run

Marin Headlands

Did a little course preview yesterday of the upcoming Golden Gate Trail Run. I  haven't run here in a long time so was afraid of getting lost in the fog, but was thankful for the fog because of the heat. I missed a little piece of it so will try to find it next time. It has some steep challenging bits going up to Wolf Ridge. Marincello is a slow climbing torture. Definitely took some walk breaks where I counted my steps and psyched myself to run again. The beautiful scenery kind of takes your mind off of it. Great views from the ridges, and areas with lush vegetation and wildflowers. Also, there is a lot of wildlife out there. I saw a bobcat, rabbits and scrubjays. At one point on the way to Old Springs, I almost ran into a deer. I was looking down at the trail in order not to twist my ankle on a tricky section. I looked up and a deer was crossing the trail right in front of me. The bobcat sighting wasn't on Bobcat trail, but near the riding club on Bunker Road.


Marin Headlands I had my Camelbak and it seemed to last me with a little refilling. There are several bathroom & water stops along the way; One after you cross McCullough at the roundabout, The Visitor Center, Rodeo Beach. The Miwoks stables at the bottom of Old Springs Trail has bathrooms but did not see a water fountain. It's a little tricky to refill the Camelback with the water fountains, so will bring another bladder next time just for this. I like the Globaltap water fountain at the Golden Gate Bridge Pavillion. I did stop at the stables to apply sunscreen, as there was a little break in the fog in this area. I didn't pay attention to my pace or mileage and just enjoyed the run. On the trails 12 minute pace seems to be my average. This is a slight improvement on my 14 minute 50k pace six years ago! I did the half a couple years ago with 11:30 pace.

I am wondering what the last loop will be like, it may be slower! I felt my legs could have used a  little more juice so I think I will do a bit more carbs on event day or just more superstarch. The night before I added a small sweet potato to dinner. I actually set off on my run with only a bonk proof coffee for breakfast. I made a batch of UCAN superstarch gel with 2 packets and took a sip of it. I took one big sip every hour and then every 2 hours some Hammer caps. For a four serving flask that turned out to be 60 calories and 15.5 carbs per hour. Wasn't hungry at all even when I got back after 6 hours. The fat adaptation is happening! I'm glad I finally I have the strength to run to the Headlands, do the loop and come back. I'm able to increase my mileage to new lengths. I have been doing the HFLC diet, didn't bonk and legs feel pretty good.

I could go off and run again today, but I won't. Instead I will go jump in the bay for a bit. Ending the training week with 56 miles of running and 6,978 feet elevation!

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