Training for 50k

 One of my goals this year/next year is to run 50 miles, but I was having a hard time increasing my mileage because of some PF in my left foot. I still trained for ORF but a solution had to be found. I did several things which helped which I would love to share: I took a break, changed shoes, started using a standing desk every day and changed my diet.

Break: Well, not really a break, just gave the foot a break! I ran a lot less and instead cycled more! I trained for some century rides and that took some pressure off my feet. The feet enjoy cool swims in the bay and massage.

Changed shoes: I had switched to NB Fresh Foam for the long runs, but after about 250 miles felt they were too soft, so I got some Brooks Ghost. It's been about 250 miles in these and then I will get some trail running shoes. I stay on trails and dirt as much as possible, which is better for my feet, and use the calf compression sleeves. During the day I walk around in my NB Minimus or NB Zeros. At first I thought that shoes with a lot of support and cushioning would be best, but my feet like being able to stretch out and flex, especially combined with...

Standing desk: I use a standing desk everyday because my legs do not like sitting in chairs.  It cuts off the circulation. I have a hard time if I have to sit on a plane or at the movies. At home I use a yoga ball. I run in the morning, bike to work, and don't have the urge to sit down. If I want to rest my legs I like to lay down and stretch them out! I started using a balance disc, and this also has helped strengthen my legs and feet.

Changed diet: Contrary to all runner logic I switched from a high carb diet to a low to moderate carb diet lifestyle. For the past month I have been trying keto, I dropped sugar and grains and have been eating 60%-70% fat. Not less calories, just more fat. This makes no sense to me either but the benefits I have experienced are: weight loss, not hungry, less inflammation and therefore better recovery, more stabilized mood and energy levels and running on less fuel without the bonk.

I can increase my mileage more easily and have less pain, so this is going to be a great solution for my ultra training! I just did about 50 miles for the week which I haven't done in 3 years! Also, I've been doing hills back to back, which would normally be unbearable. This week I did 4k elevation, which I am going to try to double to reach my training goal. For my long runs, I just try to stay on top of my electrolytes and I started using superstarch. I like it because it doesn't have sugar, which is rare for sports nutrition. I have a little PF in my left foot after my long run, but the next day after a good night sleep feel fine and can walk on it no problem. I put a rest day before and after my long runs. In the evenings if I have time, I'll do a short relaxing swim in cool water of the bay to cool everything down.

More about the diet in a future post.

Training for the 50 miles seems doable now, but the first step is to get to 50k.

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