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SF Marathon 5k

Had a great run at the SF Marathon 5k! Finished in 21:39, in the top 10 females, 2nd AG and top 50 OA. I thought this course was going to be flat, but there's actually a little bump on Harrison. This did get my heart rate up, averaging at 94% of max! I just found my hardly comfortable pace and hung on. There were some fast kids running out there and it was fun to watch them sprint past me to the finish line. This is the essence of running to me. It was nice to revisit the race after my first "real" race experience there in 2007. After that I had to do my first full and halfs!

I didn't have that much time after my 50k to do many track runs, so I just did a few short and sharpen tempo runs here and there and TRX and saved something for race day. I was relying on my springtime speedwork and was curious to see how the hilly 50k trail training with no emphasis on speed affected that. I also wanted to see what a cyclical carb cycle on a high fat low carb diet might have d…

Climbing Mt. Tamalpais

Great ride this weekend up to Mt. Tam! We had to make several stops in the beginning to make adjustments to Mike's new bike fit. I didn't really feel ready for all the climbing but by the time I got to Fairfax I was warmed up and just took a leisurely pace. Mike sprinted then took breaks to wait for me. It took a couple of hours but we got to the top eventually! It is a beautiful climb from Fairfax around Alpine Dam with quiet shady roads and manageable grades. It is a long one and I had to stop and take breaks near the end. Once we were at the top on Ridgecrest, we had more rolling climbs over the Seven Sisters. It's like riding in the sky! The beach town of Bolinas is way down below. A fun addition to the ride might be a lunch stop there.

The downhill was fun and fast. We had to be careful in the afternoon with a bit of traffic.
It went by quickly and pretty soon we were back on Shoreline near the Bridgeway bike path. We stopped at the gas station to get water and salte…

Golden Gate Trail Run 50k

Did it! After eight weeks of training and ramping up the mileage, I spent all day out in the Marin Headlands yesterday at the Coastal Trail Runs Golden Gate Trail Run 50k. Soaking my feet in some ice water as I write this. The important part of being ready for this one is the hills: 6,320 elevation! It really does zap you but the views are absolutely amazing! I didn't take any photos because I just wanted to enjoy the run without stopping. My phone died and I didn't care. I was only focused on finishing the run, which is a great feeling to be so focused and in the moment for a long period of time, which is why I dubbed this, my Run-cation!

There were about 40 of us doing the 50k, and we started with the 30k group. We all got to go and enjoy the killer loop out to Pirate's cove, except the 50kers got to repeat the pink loop again after that. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to do that, but I just took it easy realizing that I could probably make the cutoff time.…

Flipping the Macros - HFLC

I changed my diet recently and wanted to share a few insights. As a person who likes endurance sports, I know I can burn sugar & carbs well. I'm  healthy and exercise alot, but to be honest I would like to lose a few pounds in order to get to a better race weight. When training for marathons, I feel like I can eat whatever I want but I always seem to gain a few pounds during training. My legs feel heavy and I could never get past a certain mileage in my weekly running. This doesn't work if I want to get faster and train for an ultra. I did experiments with cutting sugar out with positive results and noticed I immediately lost weight when I did that. was looking back at my food log from last year and noticed I was eating 2000 - 2500 calories per day with 50-60% of it being carbs. That's about 150-300 grams of carbs. I started thinking, maybe I don't need to eat that much carbohydrate everyday.

Recently for ultra training I decided to do something different. I w…