Climbing Mt. Tamalpais

Mt. Tam Rde

Great ride this weekend up to Mt. Tam! We had to make several stops in the beginning to make adjustments to Mike's new bike fit. I didn't really feel ready for all the climbing but by the time I got to Fairfax I was warmed up and just took a leisurely pace. Mike sprinted then took breaks to wait for me. It took a couple of hours but we got to the top eventually! It is a beautiful climb from Fairfax around Alpine Dam with quiet shady roads and manageable grades. It is a long one and I had to stop and take breaks near the end. Once we were at the top on Ridgecrest, we had more rolling climbs over the Seven Sisters. It's like riding in the sky! The beach town of Bolinas is way down below. A fun addition to the ride might be a lunch stop there.

Mt. Tam Ride

The downhill was fun and fast. We had to be careful in the afternoon with a bit of traffic.
It went by quickly and pretty soon we were back on Shoreline near the Bridgeway bike path. We stopped at the gas station to get water and salted cashews.  I had taken 2 Endurolytes before the ride and 3 scoops of Generation UCAN chocolate protein drink made into a gel and had every 90 minutes. It was really hot this weekend! After burning almost 3,000 calories we had a carby feast of watermelon and deep dish pizza at Patxi's for my once a week carb load. The night before I had a sweet potato with coconut oil and cinammon.

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