SF Marathon 5k

The Starting Line
Had a great run at the SF Marathon 5k! Finished in 21:39, in the top 10 females, 2nd AG and top 50 OA. I thought this course was going to be flat, but there's actually a little bump on Harrison. This did get my heart rate up, averaging at 94% of max! I just found my hardly comfortable pace and hung on. There were some fast kids running out there and it was fun to watch them sprint past me to the finish line. This is the essence of running to me. It was nice to revisit the race after my first "real" race experience there in 2007. After that I had to do my first full and halfs!

I didn't have that much time after my 50k to do many track runs, so I just did a few short and sharpen tempo runs here and there and TRX and saved something for race day. I was relying on my springtime speedwork and was curious to see how the hilly 50k trail training with no emphasis on speed affected that. I also wanted to see what a cyclical carb cycle on a high fat low carb diet might have done to my 5k. My legs felt good, not much soreness or pain and I had alot of endurance. I'm even able to run in my New Balance Minimus again. More time to improve anaerobic system would have helped, because in my last 5k/PR with a lot of preparation I averaged 74% of maximum heart rate on the race. On this one, even though I could do my 5k pace, I was working harder at 94% of MHR and felt my legs started to buckle a bit. Compare this to the Kaiser 5k when I was running at 97% MHR having just started the speed sessions. I'm curious to see how my 5k will improve as my body comp gets leaner.

The elite group of Wave 1
I had a carb nite the day before the race. That seemed to work. It did feel hotter torching all the carbs so it took a while to cool down and had to pour water on my head and neck. Race morning I had a bonk proof coffee and 1 scoop of Generation UCAN chocolate protein drink 1 hour before the run. I rode my bike to the race and did a 15 minute warmup with some strides thrown in. I had a lot of energy so after the run I rode my bike and went for a swim.


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