August Already?

This year is going by quickly! I just sailed by the halfway point and beyond and needed a moment to look back and reflect on where I'm at and where I am going.

At the end of June: 

Swim: 29 mi
Bike: 631 mi
Run: 516 mi
Fitness: 17 hours (Spinning, TRX, kayaking, strength training)

Events completed so far (End of July)
Postal Swim: 1 hour TT: 2950m
SFR Point Reyes Populaire: 75mi 7:15:00
SFR Pierce Point 200k: 12:14:00
Kaiser 5k: 21:45 (2nd AG)
Oakland Running Fest Run the Town Challenge 2015: 21:08 5k (PR!), half 2:13:38 Total 2:34:46
Cinderella Challenge: 86 miles,  7:27 moving time, 8:28 elapsed time
Grizzly Peak Century: 7:56 moving, 9:33 elapsed time + 1 hr to get to start
Alcatraz Crossing
Bay to Breakers: 1:11:10
Golden Gate Trail Run 50k: 8:04:00, 6320' elev
SF Marathon 5k: 21:39 (2nd AG)
Biked Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo

The swimming is pretty sad, but hard to keep that going with all the other mileage being put in on land. I hoping to catch up when I do my tri-training which will be swim-specific. I achieved my running goal of doing at least one 50k this year so now I'm going back to strength training for the next 6 weeks before embarking on tri training. In addition to TRX I started doing HIIT and Plyo at the gym and will be spinning again to get ready for Tour de Tahoe. I've dropped almost 10 lbs doing the HFLC diet and feel ready to keep on going.

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