Comparison of HFLC to LFHC Diet

Here is an observation I made about how some calories are not the same as others for losing weight. I wanted to prove that I was losing weight because I was taking in less calories on a high fat low carb diet so I started keeping a food diary and logging it.

I was wrong.

I am taking in the same amount of calories and losing weight.

Let's just go with it. People can say what they want. I got a new scale and just started tracking body composition so this should be interesting.

Below is typical of what I was eating last year. As you can see it is close to the Zone, with plenty of carbs. I was actually trying to eat more carbs for more energy but falling short. This diet was fine. I had plenty of energy and could maintain my weight with this diet but not achieve weight loss. At this time I was doing P90X and lifting weights, so I thought I had to do protein shakes and builders bars. I did not restrict my calories because that never worked for me. The targets are at the top and then at the bottom is the actual consumption. As you can see, it has lots of sugar.


CaloriesProtein - 20%Carbs - 60%Fat - 20%Equivalent
1 scoop recovery drink1105200.51/2 drink
1/2 banana520.7130.21/2 fruit
French Toast32527.531.34.31 carb
TJ Go Raw Trek Mix21071614snack
Spinach salad with sprouted tofu and hempseeds, carrots and tomatoes42636.414.118.71 1/2 veg, 1 pro, 1 fat
Clif Builders Bar27020308snack
Turkey, broccoli, pasta36237.943.64.31 pro, 1 carb, 1 veg

chocolate (approx 1 oz)580.74.94delicious
TJ NF Greek yogurt 1/2 cup w honeydew901611.50.1dairy, fruit


Here is what I ate yesterday on HFLC. I even went out to eat and had dessert. I started counting net carbs, whereas before I didn't. I have been lifting weights with HIIT & Plyo sessions at the gym, some spinning and light cardio this week. On this diet, I HAVE been losing weight. I'm down 8 lbs since May. I just stepped on the scale after my run today and it said I'm down 10. I've had a few carb-up days here and there, but mostly my diet looks like this. I actually try to keep the net carbs below 40 and eat just enough protein.


Bonk Proof Coffee220

26coconut oil and butter
Vital Proteins Collagen36900BCAA
Heavy Whipping Cream60006
Salmon Fillet801601.5
2 cups spinach14210
1 T Hemp oil with ACV (for dressing)1200014Lunch
1/2 avocado16128.514.5
Cherry Tomatoes31270
Pate w Black Pepper1708214Iron-rich snack
Flax crackers (1/4 c serving)22080.817.2
Almond meal crackers (1/4 c serving)1606614
Bacon Cheeseburger with salad (no bun)56031547Dinner
3 pc Low Carb Bread with cream cheese and blueberries424131128dessert
(or breakfast)

It works out to about 75% fat, 15% protein and 10% carb, no sugar, and very little fruit. I will enjoy those on my occasional carb days. I lost an inch on my waistline since last month, even with the weekly and bi-weekly carb-up days. There are other benefits to this diet besides weight loss, which is why it is easy to stick with. I like being wrong sometimes!

My thought is when you first change your diet and use fat for energy, you will see a weight drop and then it will plateau again. Adjustments can continually be made as your body is always changing, especially if you are exercising and doing weight training. As you get older your body also changes and you have to listen to your body. What may work for a 25 year old male doesn't necessarily work for a middle age female.

And now for the food pics! Click on info for details:

Good book with solid info and recipes

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