September wrap up

Six weeks until Marin Tri! After 2 months of HIIT training 2-3x a week, I feel totally strong! Everything feels easier, including bike handling. I ran a 10k race and half marathon the past few days and did well even though my mileage is low. My running legs are well-developed but then the upper body is flab. So to balance it out In July I started the TRX again, then August and September the 1 hour HIIT & Plyo class at the gym. I  highly recommend Gaby's class at Fitness SF. I also recommend a local boot camp group Body by HYZ. John is a fun coach and participants are mostly members of GGTC and is donation based for KEEN SF. This put me in a much better spot for my tri training and now building up the endurance for 2 hours will be a piece of cake. I'm able to keep an 8 min per mile pace for my 10k and under 9:30 min per mile pace for the half marathon. The HIIT training is cardio and there are lots of fast runners in the class. I learned HIIT (complex circuits) is great for overall fitness, performance, weight loss and strength, but if you're looking to build big muscles for aesthetic purposes then a more traditional weight lifting program is needed. Also, I don't think I would combine that type of training with HIIT, but this is great for endurance athletes looking to build strength and power. It will make you sore. In the past I would taper off my strength training as race day gets closer, but this time I will keep it going and make my training strength focused. It is hard to get started with HIIT but if you stick with it becomes much easier. I found if I cut back on the cardio and add it in later after a couple weeks into it is better. Soon, you will have lots of energy and will be able to do more than you ever thought you could!

Here is the tentative triathlon training schedule:

Plus at least 50 miles a week bike commuting on road bike

I try to save my energy for the strength training session and if I'm going to do additional cardio to do it afterward or another day. For the spin brick I will combine it with a swim or a run after, then also throw in a mini-tri where I do all three. Friday will be flexible and depends on what happens on the other days! I am keeping a carb day on Saturday, and HFLC on the rest of the days (low carb around 50 grams net and sugar free) and carbiest foods at night. It is usually starchy carbs such as sweet potato or squash. This works for me and helps me with weight management and energy levels. I have type 2 diabetes in my family history so I can easily ignore the naysayers. Happy Training!

HIIT Training Exercises: These barbell complexes are really effective, especially combined with Plyo.

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